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CLEVELAND — The city of Cleveland is getting ready to show the nation what its got when the Republican National Convention officially gets underway tomorrow.

Tonight, out-of-towners are getting settled. Organizers are putting the finishing touches on the event and law enforcement tightening up security at every turn.

Security does seem to be getting tighter by the hour. And as members of the Republican Party try to make their way to the Midwest, there are increasing concern about safety for event goers, the general public, and now for law enforcement.

In other parts of town, the streets are virtually empty. Major closures surround tourist attractions as security sweeps and magnetometers fill the city. Metal fencing lines nearly every block. Giant trucks block avenues at the public square. Safety is at the top of mind following the events in Dallas, France, and now Baton Rouge.

The police union here even tried to temporarily ban the open carry law already in place in Ohio. Governor John Kasich says its too late.

Outside Quicken Loans Arena, one police officer joined a small group praying for peace, a show of solidarity before a week that could be filled with unexpected events — even threatening ones.