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PHILADELPHIA – It’s something a mother never gets over: the violent loss of a child.

Cleopatra Pendleton is in a club she never asked to join. In 2013 her then 15-year-old daughter Hadiya was caught in the middle of crossfire from a gang fight in Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood. Hadiya was killed — one week after performing at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.

Pendleton is now a part of Mothers of the Movement, and will take center stage with other mothers at the Democratic National Convention, proud to stand for Hillary Clinton.

Pendleton says when Clinton calls, she answers. She is traveling the country for a woman she says can lead for the children and the families.

She calls Clinton’s opponent Donald Trump divisive and arrogant. But she says it won’t stop her from continuing on the movement she believes, in all honesty, is her destiny.