Gov. Rauner says he’ll seek reelection in 2018

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Governor Rauner sounded off on the state budget that never was in a wide ranging interview.

How dire is the crisis, will Chicago Schools go bankrupt, who's to blame, and will he run again?

With 10 days left in the fiscal year, the Governor sat down with WGN’s Tahman Bradley.

Even though he hopes lawmakers soon work out a stop gap spending plan and K-12 education funding, Gov Rauner continues to hammer his chief rival House Speaker Mike Madigan.

“I think the Speaker is interested in a crisis,” Rauner said.  “At this point there’s a risk that public safety isn’t funded there’s a risk that health care service aren’t funded there’s a risk that our schools don’t open on time. We can’t allow that to happen. That’s not right.”

And that’s the message the governor has taken on the road.

All month, he has been traveling from city to city, where he pins the blame for the budget stalemate on Democrats who continue to resist his pro-business, union-weakening agenda.

“All of us in government are elected to do a job,” Rauner said. “I ran for governor to work for all of the people of the state to change the system so our government works for the people again. We’ve got the highest unfunded pension, hghest debt in America, highest unemployment rate in American, most job losses, worst school funding and the most corruption and cronyism of any state government in America.”

For Chicago, Gov. Rauner had even harsher words. Recently, the governor said some Chicago Public Schools are like crumbling prisons.

Chicagoans hit back and hard.  Today, they showed their anger and forced the governor to cancel a Juneteenth celebration at the DuSable Museum.

With Chicago Public Schools facing a billion dollar budget deficit, Democrats in Springfield are trying to get more money into the district. But the governor’s plan would keep CPS funding at its current level.

“I care deeply about Chicago Public Schools and the children in those schools,” Rauner said. “Chicago has been mismanaged for years. Our reforms will help them improve the system.”

In the meantime, the governor is doubling down on his call that the district considers bankruptcy.

“They could go into a judge and seek court protection and reorganize in bankruptcy under court supervision so that that wouldn’t require any layoffs .  They can redo their contracts, redo their debt and make it more affordable under bankruptcy,” he said.

Rauner also said he is planning to seek reelection in 2018.



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