GOP health care plan collapses, will Trump allow Obama Care to fail as well?

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Now that the latest GOP plan to repeal Obamacare has collapsed in the Senate, President Trump is pushing to let the nation’s health care law fail.

Experts say if he chooses, he can make that happen.

According to Northwestern Kellogg School Professor Joel Shalowtiz, if Trump wants the Affordable Care Act to collapse, the president can undermine the law.

“With the exchanges, 83 percent of people get premium tax credits. That’s money they can use to help buy their insurance,” Shalowitz told WGN News. “If for some reason he takes away those premiums, they will become extremely expensive for people. More people will become uninsured and also it will destabilize the insurance market.”

President Trump could also take away payments to cap out of pocket expenses.

“That’s a definite possibility,” Shalowitz said. “If he does those two things it will make health insurance a lot more unaffordable, more people will go without coverage, the insurance business will be a lot more unstable. He can make it fail.”

Trump today talked about the need for a new health care plan. With competition declining in some states, and insurers pulling out of the Obamacare exchanges next year in parts Nevada, Ohio and Indiana next year, people across both sides of the aisle agree action is needed.

The American Medical Association says the status quote is unacceptable.

The AMA’s president said in a statement: “The health reform debate is by no means over. Congress must begin a collaborative process that produces a bipartisan approach to improve health care in our country.”

So what does the lack of action on health care in Washington mean for Illinoisans? According to Shalowitz, not much - yet.

“In Illinois, we still have some availability. Of course we would like more. The plans appear to still be affordable, particularly compared to other states. We still have the Medicaid expansion.”

But it remains to be seen if those funds will be paid at the rate the federal government promised when Obamacare passed.  The president can’t stop this by himself but Congress could.


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