CHICAGO — Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas were out talking to voters and announcing endorsements.

Both candidates for mayor in Chicago spent Sunday campaigning around the city.

Paul Vallas shared another endorsement — Senator Dick Durbin announced his support for him.

“I believe that Paul Vallas can lead Chicago forward and be [a] bridge to united the good people in this city,” Durbin said.

Vallas said he feels Durbin’s support will have a major impact on undecided voters.

“I believe all Democrats and the majority [of] Democrats believe that public safety is a crisis we need to deal with now,” Vallas said. “I believe this will help me.”

United States Representative Jonathan Jackson, who endorsed Johnson earlier in his campaign for mayor, spoke on his behalf Sunday at an event in South Shore.

“I want to see transparency, I want to see investment back in our children,” Jackson said. “Brandon stands for public safety, how do we achieve public safety is the question.”

While Jackson supported Johnson’s ability to address public safety, the mayoral candidate who calls the Austin neighborhood home also emphasized the need for affordable living situations throughout the city of Chicago.

“We have to be able to afford to live in our communities and we have to make sure that there are good paying jobs,” Johnson said.

While the general election is set to take place on April 4, early voting is already available across Chicago. If you are interested in casting your vote early, you can visit the City’s website to find your ward and where to go.