CHICAGO — With the race to be the next Chicago mayor going down to the wire, both candidates are looking for any edge they can get undecided voters on their side.

A recently released poll shows about 10% of voters undecided, Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas‘ campaigns are leaning on surrogates to sway voters.

On Wednesday, Bishop Drew Sheard, the head of the Church of God in Christ, urged Chicagoans to get to the polls for Brandon Johnson.

“He is a son of the church and a bright light in a dark season,” Bishop Sheard said. “My brothers and sisters, don’t forget vote in six days and let’s make Brandon Johnson the new mayor of the city of Chicago.”

A recent WGN-TV/Emerson College/The Hill poll found African American voters overwhelmingly back Johnson over Paul Vallas, but 20% are still undecided.

“It’s not about where we are today, it’s where we’re going in a couple more days. On April 4, we are all going to the 5th floor, Chicago,” Brandon Johnson said Wednesday.

At the Vallas campaign headquarters, former Chicago Public School educators vouched for the candidate whose record as CEO of the school district almost three decades ago has been closely examined during the campaign.

“The facts show that students made contentious academic progress in each of the years 1995-2001,” Gery Chico said. “Here’s the big thing there’s wasn’t one interruption in instruction for eight years. Brandon, there is no way you can call this a failure.”

“A vote for Vallas is a vote for additional resources for low performing schools, a vote for Vallas is for good paying jobs for adults and jobs and internships for our youth,” Dr. Joyce Kenner echoed her support for Vallas Wednesday.

Martin Luther King III and Bernie Sanders are set to hold events in support of Brandon Johnson this week.

Both candidates will faceoff April 4 for the Chicago Mayoral Runoff Election.