CHICAGO — The disputes amongst Chicago mayoral candidates continued Monday during a two-hour two-hour forum that streamed online.

Brandon Johnson was under fire as his rivals in the race for mayor turned the spotlight on him. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot threw the first punch by raising Johnson’s “tax-the-rich economic plan,” to pay for massive new spending.

“Almost a billion dollars in new taxes, on top of the people in the city, who are working people, not just taxing the rich,” she said. “His plan is actually going to hurt 8,400 working teachers.”

“What she just espoused about a 3.5% income tax on people who make $100,000 a year or more is just a lie. It’s not in my budget plan,” Johnson replied.

Lightfoot also slammed Johnson for opening the door to diverting money away from the Chicago police budget.

Also firing a shot at Johnson was Ja’Mal Green.

“Bandon Johnson is faking his way through this race,” Green said.

“I’m not going to take responsibility for white supremacy. The fact of the matter is that we’ve lived under structural imbalance for some time,” Johnson said.

The forum focused on topics important to Black Chicagoans, including diversifying the police department, public transportation and housing issues.

“Chicago has broken countless promises to Black people in this city. We’ve done so little for so much for so long,” said Kam Buckner.

“In order to have a world-class transportation system, we’ve got to take a regional approach,” said Sophia King.

“I have been committed to the empowerment and advancement of all people in Chicago, especially Black and brown,” said Congressman Jesus ‘Chuy’Garcia.

“Thirty thousand per child we spend on children in CPS is not getting into the classroom,” said Paul Vallas.

“We must reintegrate the school system with the proper teaching that reflects the community,” Willie Wilson said.

“We want to make sure that Black people have every opportunity to succeed at the highest level,” said Roderick Sawyer.

Early voting is now available in all 50 wards and Chicagoans who need to register to vote can do so at one of the voting sites.