CHICAGO — It’s crunch time on the campaign trail.

Tuesday, mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson picked up an endorsement from Anjanette Young, the woman who exactly four years to the date was humiliated in a botched police raid where she was forced to stand naked and handcuffed as officers — who were sent to the wrong address — raided her home.

While the incident involving Young happened before Mayor Lori Lightfoot took office, her administration has had to deal with the fallout, culminating in Lightfoot apologizing to Young, who also received a $2.9 million settlement from the city.

“It grieves me that this administration refused to protect Black women,” Johnson said. “People in general, but particularly Black women.”

In announcing her support for Johnson, Young made it clear she wants a new mayor in town.

“Mayor Lightfoot is mistaken when she states that this current race is between her and Paul Vallas, that is not true,” Young said. “She is equally mistaken when she says that she’s the only viable Black candidate.”

When asked about Young’s endorsement, Lightfoot shrugged it off.

“She’s entitled to support whoever she wants,” Lightfoot said.

Lightfoot’s campaign also released a new digital video Tuesday, featuring the owner of Brown Sugar Bakery.

“The things that people don’t like about her, I think they really need to weight that against the results,” said Stephanie Hart, owner of the Brown Sugar Bakery.

Voters have until the end of the day on Feb. 28 to cast a vote for one of the nine candidates running for Mayor of Chicago.