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CHICAGO — As Donald Trump mades his way to the area to court donors and voters, the Polish National Alliance rushed to clean up anti-Trump graffiti sprayed on its Chicago outpost ahead of the candidate’s visit Wednesday.

Taggers left anti-Trump graffiti on the front of the building and nearby sidewalk on the far Northwest Side, although it was cleaned up before the Republican candidate’s visit there. Trump was invited to speak by the Polish American Congress.

Trump is visiting Chicago for the first time after making multiple references to the city’s soaring murder rate, and saying he could stop the violence in “a week” by using tough tactics like stop-and-frisk.

During his 17-minute speech to the Alliance, Trump promised to lower taxes and regulations that he says choke small businesses.

‘I will be greatest president for jobs that God has ever created,” Trump told the audience.

He called his democratic rival Hillary Clinton “grossly incompetent … worse than (Pres. Barack) Obama.”

Clinton has also been invited to address the group but has yet to accept the offer.