Police urge against gun-shaped cellphone cases after traffic stop encounter

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ZION, Ill. — Police are asking the public to stop carrying cell phone cases shaped like guns.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois Conservation Police officers discovered this cell phone charging case during a traffic stop at Illinois Beach State Park in Zion. The suspect was carrying it in his waistband, and the officer mistook it for a real gun.

The officer did not know it was actually a phone case until after the suspect was arrested.

Police say the cases could be dangerous for both civilians and police.

In a Facebook post, the Department of Natural Resources said, “DO NOT carry products like this around!! It is dangerous and places all citizens and officers in unnecessary risk of harm.”

Gun-shaped cell phone cases are already outlawed in Chicago. Plainfield also banned gun-shaped cases in 2015, but they are not banned statewide or on state property.


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