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Chicago Police shot a man on the South Side after, they say, he raised a handgun at officers.

The officers had chased him from a car that refused to stop early Sunday morning, according to Fraternal Order of Police Spokesman Patrick Camden.

Camden says the man stumbled into an alley west of Springfield Avenue and north of 18th Street after police tried to stop a car he was in, Camden said.

Officers chasing the man say they saw he had a weapon as soon as he jumped out of the car. Police and Camden said the man raised a 9-millimeter handgun with one hand as he tried to get up with the other and police officers opened fire.

The man, described in his 20s, was shot and pronounced dead at the scene.

A woman at the scene, Stacy Liberty, told a WGN TV news crew that police shot her son in the back and that they would not let her near the scene for hours, while they finished their investigation.

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the shooting.