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Chicago police continue to search for the gunman who open fired on a south side street yesterday injuring a boy who was in a car.

9-year-old Tykeece Hilliard who was shot while in the backseat of his mother’s moving car yesterday is going to be ok, his mother said.

He had just eaten at McDonalds and in the car his mother was driving and on his way home with the rest of his siblings.

28-year-old Tynisha Hillliard is a single mother of 6 and had her entire family in the back seat of her red Chevy as she drove in the 6700 block of S Evans around 5:30 yesterday afternoon.

Shots rang out and Tynisha realized her son had been hit.  She headed directly to Comer Children’s Hospital with her kids and a male passenger–a friend, she claims–all inside her car.

“My reaction was to save my son,” she said.

Tynisha’s own mother tells WGN her daughter is hanging out with known gang members, even dating one. Debra Hilliard thinks the male in the car last evening was the intended target yesterday, not her grandson, Tykeece.

“A mother is supposed to protect her child, not put him in harm’s way,” Debra said.

Tynisha denies this saying, “I have never put any of my children in harm’s way.”

Still the mother is begging for justice tonight. She wants the shooter caught for her son’s sake.

“I want him in jail.  Because anybody that can open fire when there are 6 children  in the car is a heartless, cruel person,” she said.