Police say teens likely targeted in shooting outside mall that left 18-year-old dead

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CALUMET CITY, Ill. — Calumet City police say they believe a shooting outside a mall Thursday night that left an 18-year-old young woman dead was targeted and not random.

According to police, officers arrived at the River Oaks Center around 6 p.m. after hearing reports of gunfire at the mall. A group of teenagers scattered at the scene, but two of them were shot.

An unidentified 17-year-old boy was wounded, and 18-year-old Christin Ross was also shot, and passed away Saturday, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner.

Police say they believe the shooting was targeted and was not random. Workers at the mall said they saw about twenty teenagers fleeing the mall before stores starting locking their doors.

“They’re like, ‘we’re getting shot at, we’re getting shot at,’ and that’s when we were like, ‘OK something serious is going on,’” said Joy Watson, who works at mall.

The mall went on lockdown, but has since reopened and resumed regular business hours.


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