Police say ‘Operation Split Corners’ leads to 14 arrests on West Side


CHICAGO — Chicago police spoke at a press conference Friday afternoon about a three-month crackdown on drug dealers, targeting a specific area on the city’s West Side, that led to several arrests.

CPD Supt. David Brown was among those who spoke at the 25th precinct Friday about Operation Split Corners. The operation started three months ago and instead of targeting lower-level street dealers, the operation aimed at a high tier.

A total of 14 people were taken into custody after the operation. Eleven of them were believed to be directly associated with that mid-level of operations. An additional three people were arrested on gun-related charges. 

The operation focused specifically on an area of Division Street between the 15th and 25th districts which has long been an area affected by drug dealing. 

During the course of the investigation, officers also recovered illegal narcotics, including 64 grams of heroin and 30 grams of crack cocaine. A business, the Jordan Food Mart, was also shuttered, allegedly the site of where the wheeling and dealing of drugs was done. 

Brown said that if and when lower level offenders end up behind bars, they tend not to stay there, so in going after the mid-level, the hope is to put those suspects away for much longer.

“Community members and police officers are equally frustrated when the neighborhood drug dealers go to jail only to be replaced by another ambitious criminals,” Brown said. “The charge of calculated criminal drug conspiracy carries added jail time which will keep many of these individuals charged off the street for a longer period.”

Brown said Friday was just the beginning. Operation Split Corners this operation will continue.


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