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CHICAGO — First responders rescued a man seen walking on frozen Lake Michigan Friday morning.

Skycam 9 spotted the man on the lake near Lake Shore Drive and 55th Street around 7:30 a.m., on a day when temperatures were about 12 degrees, about 1,000 feet from shore.

Jason Lach, with the Chicago Fire Department, said the man was a 24-year-old local college student who didn’t realize he was walking out on the ice and had difficulty walking back to shore. Lache said someone in a nearby high-rise first noticed the man on the lake and that’s when fire officials were notified.

Fire and police officials were seen walking to the man. He was placed on a raft and taken to shore.

It is unknown if the man had any health issues at the time of the rescue. EMS officials checked him and he was cleared, Lach said.

The man was issued an Administrative Notice of Violation for Disorderly Conduct, police said.

Lach emphasized the importance of staying away from the lake when it’s frozen. He said no ice is safe ice. Lake Michigan is different than other smaller lakes where people may go ice fishing and do walk on the frozen water.

“Our lake front spans 25 miles,” he said. “[The ice is] not always inches thick.”

During the rescue, a first responder fell through the ice, but is OK. Lach said the fire department trains for ice rescues.