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ROSEMONT, Ill. — Suburban police have issued an update in the investigation of a young woman found dead in a suburban hotel freezer and have released both surveillance video and 911 calls.

Police say they continue to conduct a death investigation, and not a murder investigation, and have no reason to suspect foul play in Kenneka Jenkin’s death.

In one of the 911 calls made relating to Jenkins’s disappearance Tereasa Martin can be heard frantically searching for her missing daughter.  She is heard asking someone to check the hotel security cameras.

Police are also recorded after they found the 19-year-old victim saying she was “frozen solid.”

Earlier Friday, police released all surveillance video received from the hotel. In the videos, Jenkins appears to be stumbling in the hotel kitchen, hallways and out of an elevator.

In the last place she is seen, around 3:30 a.m. in an empty kitchen area. While she’s not seen entering the walk-in freezer, she is seen wandering down the hallway that leads there and she is not seen again.

The police released a statement Friday saying the hotel room that was the scene of the party 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins attended was checked-into by a male and female “using a fraudulent credit card obtained through identity theft. The case into this identity theft is ongoing.”

Police also said at least 31 people were inside that room at the Rosemont Crowne Plaza Hotel that night.

So far, police say they have interviewed a total of 25 individuals, 16 of which were in the hotel room during the party. Police are still attempting to identify and locate 15 other individuals.

Jenkins family has hired an attorney and held a news conference Friday afternoon. Her family says none of the video shows the victim entering the freezer on her own. They question why no one was helping her, and why the hotel did not check security cameras sooner.

Police say that are also examining two videos that were posted on social media and expect to results of that analysis to be back in two weeks.

Police say this case remains a death investigation and not a homicide investigation.

The medical examiner’s office has performed an autopsy, but says more tests are needed. An official cause of death could still be weeks away.