Police officer shoots dog outside North Side home

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A North Side family is suing the city and the Chicago Police Department after Chicago police officer shot their miniature bull terrier last weekend, while writing a parking ticket.

The family wants the officer taken off the street, calling him reckless and irresponsible.

The dog’s name is “Colonel” and a neighbor says he is so little that he could put his head through the gate outside his family’s home and greet people walking by.  He’s also a quiet dog.

The miniature bull terrier is a puppy and his owners had expectations that he could be a show dog.  But not now.

“Colonel” was shot Saturday at 3:30 in the afternoon by a police officer who was writing a ticket to the dog’s owner for partially parking on the sidewalk in the driveway in front of his gated home.

A witness says he heard the officer say twice, “Get your dog” — and then the officer pulled out a gun and shot twice at the puppy.

The dog’s owner says “Colonel” was just wagging his tail.

“One slug hit him in the leg and the other one splintered and went into his abdomen,” dog owner Al Phillips tells WGN.  “He shot the dog, and then he quite calmly continued to write the ticket, like nothing had happened.”

The shooting happened down the street from a preschool.  The school was closed but families were out enjoying the warm day.

Neighbors are concerned about who else might have been hit.

The Chicago Police Department is not commenting on what happened.  They tell WGN the Independent Police Review Authority is now investigating the shooting.


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