MAYWOOD, Ill. — Police are still searching for a missing former NFL player as they investigate his mother’s death.

Maywood police say Sergio Brown is still considered a missing person even after two videos have been shared on Instagram by an account that is believed to be run by the former NFL player.

A new video shared as a story on an Instagram account that is believed to be run by Sergio, shows him laughing as he is surrounded by images from the movie Finding Nemo, he even quotes the film.

It is the second video that has been posted to the account in the last two days as Maywood Police investigate the killing of Sergio’s mother, Myrtle Brown.

In the first video, which was also shared as a story on Monday, Sergio made vague references to Maywood police and the FBI and said that he had thought his mother was on vacation.

The 35-year-old ex-NFL player is a Proviso East graduate who played from 2010 to 2016 with the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts.

Myrtle’s family, with a search party, found her body in the creek behind her house on Saturday after they learned she and Sergio were missing. The Cook County Medical Examiner says the 73-year-old died from an assault.

Maywood police have been searching for Sergio ever since.

“Maywood police Department detectives are aware of a video that has surfaced on social media in relation to Mr. Sergio Brown, who is still considered a missing person and are also looking its [sic] authenticity,” Maywood police said in a statement.

Officers have not said whether they know where Sergio is and have declined to provide further details as the case remains under investigation.