Dispatch calls released in shooting death of Pilsen woman

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CHICAGO — Police are asking for the community’s help in solving the killing of Pilsen woman as she sat in her car, using the phone.

Aaren O’Connor recently moved to Chicago from San Diego to be close to Carlos, her boyfriend.

She was talking to a family member back home on the phone when she was killed.

On Wednesday, police say they are examining video from cameras in the area and believe Aaren was the unintended victim of a gang rivalry in that area.

The first call of shots fired came in about 6:40 p.m. Friday  from someone in the neighborhood.

This afternoon investigators said that call did not indicate an address only the general area.

“The address where shots was fired was not not specifically where this  young lady was parked. As they drove past the area they didn’t see anything. No one came out and said there it is and what happened,” said Lt. Ozzie Valdez in a news conference.

But that seems to differ from the dispatcher calls from OEMC several minutes later that did give an exact address.

For some reason police officers didn’t arrive on the scene until 7:30 p.m. where they found O’Connor and a frantic roommate trying to help.

That roommate flagged down two passing men who we met up with tonight back at the scene laying flowers and lighting a candle in her memory.

The man asked us not to identify him by name out of fear of gang retaliation.

If anyone knows anything to please come forward even anonymously.

Sadly, Aaren’s death is part of Chicago’s murder rate that has spiked in January and February one of the most violent periods in recent years.

If there is a positive, Aaren’s heart, her lungs and her kidneys will all donated to save the lives of others.


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