Police leaders address issues of illegal guns

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CHICAGO — Tomorrow, President Obama comes home to Chicago to talk about cracking down on illegal guns.

He’ll address the world’s largest gathering of police chiefs meeting at McCormick Place.

Today those leaders are calling on Congress to expand background checks they say national background check law is the key.  The ability to share information, much like Homeland Security does when it comes to potential terrorists, could help keep guns out of the wrong hands

Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy appeared alongside law enforcement from across the country calling for the national background check law.

“this is not about legal guns. This is about illegal guns finding their way into the wrong hands of criminals and as a result people end up dying,” McCarthy said.

Law enforcement called on congress to expand three key areas; Expanding background checks to cover all gun purchases not just those made to a licensed dealer, Strengthening background check systems by ensuring that states and federal agencies share disqualifying records, and , before a firearm is transferred the FBI must have sufficient time to adequately conduct background check when further investigation is needed.

A tighter focus, they say, will prevent more, but not all, gun violence.

President Obama will address the more than 14,000 law enforcement leaders tomorrow around 2:15 p.m.  His focus is expected to be curbing gun violence and may announce a plan that would not need congressional approval in order to institute.


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