Police investigating sexting scandal at Munster high school

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Indiana police are investigating a sexting scandal involving 20 students and nude photos of female students.

12 teenage boys suspended for possessing the inappropriate photos, a school code violation. The students were turned over to the Munster police who are still investigating. They say child pornography or child exploitation charges are not out of the question.

The Munster school district says female students took the photos of themselves and digitally sent them to male students at the school. A parent found out and told the principal.

Munster High School
Munster High School

12 boys, freshman through seniors, were suspended for three days.

The girls who sent the photos received no penalty inside or outside of school. Some, if not all of the girls, were minors.

The school district says the boys were punished because they were forwarding the photos and had them on their phones on school property. The girls punishment, so says the administration is that they have to live with the digital footprint that’s nearly impossible to delete.

Police have yet to file charges and there’s a chance they never will.

The school is maintaining this was nothing more than students making a huge mistake.


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