Police investigating ‘sexting’ incident at suburban middle school

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A sexting incident reported at a suburban middle school may result in charges.

Rumors of a girl sexting an image to a boy and the boy sharing the image with other students were spread throughout Barrington Middle School Station last week. A student eventually told the staff about it and the school investigated.

The school’s principal said the issue is being dealt with by the parents, students, staff – and now, the police, who are looking into juvenile charges.

“This is an issue that we’ve been all over because we know it’s important that we are educating our kids on this important matter,” said Dr. Craig Winkelman. “Unfortunately kids still make poor decisions.”

WGN legal analyst Terry Sullivan says the laws around these issues are murky at best, especially when it comes to 13 and 14 year olds doing the sexting.

“The good thing about this coming into the legal system, if there is a good side, is that these kids may be an example unfortunately. And the other kids  are going to understand that what they’re doing may be criminal and it’s just not worth the consequences,” Sullivan said.

Similar incidents in other districts, like New Trier and Evanston have been dealt with in a variety of ways, some with police involvements, others without.

Barrington’s police chief said his department is in the early stages of the investigation and he’s not sure if charges will be filed.

District 220 in Barrington says it begins talking with students about proper use of technology beginning in 6th grade.




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