Police investigating recent North Side business break-ins


CHICAGO — Chicago police are investigating two recent business break-ins on the North Side that may have been done by the same suspect.

Both break-ins happened last weekend,with the most recent happening at Hair Apothecary, located in the 1800 block of Irving Park Road.

Surveillance video of the salon and Rogers Park Social, located in the 6900 block of North Glenwood Avenue, appears to point to the same suspect. Employees at Hair Apothecary saw a Facebook post by Rogers Park Social and made the connection.

The bar’s owner, Erik Archambeault, caught a man on surveillance video breaking into the business early Friday morning.

Archambeault said the man stole two cash drawers, a computer and about $500 worth of alcohol.

“They were moving very slowly throughout the space,” Archambeault said. “Which tells me they were scoping out the space because they knew where things were.”

A similar story happened Sunday morning at the salon.

Andrea Butler said the man strolled around for several minutes and eventually stole about $200 and several bottles of wine.

“Apparently, he’s a Savon blanc lover and left the red behind,” Butler said. “It was a snowy cold day, I thought he would have gone for the red but apparently white is his thing.”

Butler reached out to Archambeault and he agreed.

“It’s definitely the same person,” he said.

Neither one of them recognize the man, but both said they feel violated. Now, they’re sounding the alarm for other small business owners.

“Small business owners just be vigilante, keep an eye on your spaces,” Archambeault said. “Make sure you have the proper security, make sure you have the right camera systems to help the authorities out.”

Police said they have not connected the burglaries, but are still working on it.


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