LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. — Three people were taken to the hospital after police in the northern suburbs and the Illinois Department of Public Health received reports of what police called “a severe staffing concern” at a nursing home Monday.

The Lincolnshire Police Department said they received the report shortly after 9 a.m., with the Wealshire LLC rehabilitation facility found at 150 Jamestown Lane being cited as the nursing home having a severe staffing concern.

After arriving at the nursing home, police found the establishment is typically staffed with over 60 employees, but only one-third of staff members were present at the time for work.

According to IDPH, when their staff arrived, the facility medical director told them no nursing or other clinical staff were on duty at the facility.

Lincolnshire PD worked in conjunction with Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Protection District (LRFPD) to address the situation, and LRFPD took three individuals to Advocate Condell Medical Center for medical treatment. Their conditions are currently unknown.

According to police, the rehab facility previously operated as Warren Barr Rehab Facility, but village staff were notified that The Wealshire, LLC assumed operations and took over the property as of Monday.

“One would have to believe that there was zero planning that went into this transition on the new owners part, borderline criminal,” said David Blair, who’s mother used to live at the nursing home. “If you knew about it months ago, you send a letter that gives less than a weeks time for anybody with zero information as to what’s going to go on. Where is your intent to do the right thing? This is people’s lives you’re dealing with.”

Illinois State Senator Julie Morrison issued a press release Wednesday calling on the Warren Barr Lincolnshire nursing facility to ensure residents have 24/7 access to critical care staff.

“Our state’s most vulnerable residents are often in nursing homes for access to 24/7 care and assistance,” Morrison said in the release. “The issue at Lincolnshire should have never happened in the first place – and we must ensure it never happens again.”

IDPH said a investigation has been launched into the rehab facility following the incident responded to by them, Lincolnshire PD and LRFPD.

Lincolnshire PD said IDPH was notified when they received the report and they will continue to work with the IDPH while investigating the matter.