Man with a gun on the Blue Line disarmed by Good Samaritans, marathon runner

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CHICAGO — Two Good Samaritans are credited with disarming a man who threatened Blue Line passengers with a gun Sunday morning.

Police said a man was asking passengers on the train for change around 5:30 a.m. Sunday when he took out a gun. 

In town from Boston to run the Chicago Marathon, Jean Paul Lapierre said he noticed passengers quickly exit the train car at the Cumberland station, and then realized there was a man holding a gun. He and another passenger decided to act. 

After rushing up to him, Lapierre and another passenger held the man up against the door of the train and grabbed his arm to point the gun away from any passengers.

“I got my hand on his hand and was able to get control of the gun from his hand, then I pulled the gun away,” Lapierre said. 

Lapierre said he handed the gun to another passenger, who disassembled it, and he and other passengers held the man down until police arrived. Police confirm a 48-year-old man and 54-year-old man disarmed the individual on the train.

According to Lapierre it’s not the first time he’s been a Good Samaritan, saying  he helped rescue a one-year-old boy who was trapped inside a vehicle following a horrific crash in Boston four years ago.


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