Pit bull shot and killed by police while attacking teen

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A Chicago Police office is being credited with saving the life of a teen who was being attacked by a pit bull today on the south side.

It was the dog’s second attack of the day. The first one alerted 7th District Police, who were looking for it. And it’s a good thing they were.

16-year-old Tyrell Henry was walking to school at Urban Prep, when he says the vicious dog came out of nowhere.  The attack left the teen with 19 staples in his leg.

For 63-year-old Gerald Myers, it was a relentless attack near 60th and South Eggleston earlier in the day, which left him with 11 stitches. The 90-pound pit bull pulled him to the ground and dragged him down the street. Gerald did everything he could think of to fight the dog off.

“He switched legs and got on my right leg.  And that’s when I stuck my fingers in his eyes and he let me go,” he said.

That first attack raised the alarm. A police sergeant set off in search of the animal and found him, still in the area, in the middle of mauling Tyrell. Distracting the dog and getting a clear shot, he quickly shot and killed it. If not for that, the teen says: “I’d probably, like, be dead.”

No word yet on who owned the dog or let it run loose.. Police would like to find out so that person can be charged.






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