Pilsen residents sit-in, protest demolition at Whittier Elementary

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Protesters remained camped outside Whittier Elementary Fieldhouse in the Pilsen neighborhood Saturday morning.

They’re trying to block another attempt by Chicago Public Schools to tear it down.

Hundreds of people showed up in protest Friday night, after reportedly hearing about demolition crews arriving during a dance class and asking the class to leave.

Police issued citations to anyone who didn’t move fast enough, they said.

CPS owns the building and said the crews were there to remove asbsestos, before a planned demolition.

Protesters argue CPS is going back on its word. “CPS is a liar, nothing but liars. They made a promise, and now they creep in in the middle of the night. Why now? Why at night? So no one sees this betrayal, this hypocrisy,” community member Chris Gevanis told the Chicago Sun-times.

CPS offered to renovate the building, after a simliar protest in 2010.

Both sides will meet later Saturday.


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