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PITTSBURGH (NEXSTAR) – A 93-year-old woman whose plea for more beer went viral got an ice cold shipment of Coors Light Monday afternoon.

Olive Veronesi, who has been self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic, was photographed last week holding a dry erase board in the window with the message “I need more beer!!” KDKA reports.

Molson Coors took notice after the image went viral, tweeting on Easter Sunday, “Olive asked, and beer is on its way!”

The next day, the Pittsburgh-area nonagenarian got her wish.

“My associate and I put in 10 cases of beer, and drove up, and made sure Olive got her beer so she can continue her healthy regimen of a Coors light a day,” Mark Linder, with Molson Coors, told KDKA.

Veronesi said she was “on her last twelve” cans when she made the sign and a relative snapped the photo.

“I have a beer every night,” she told KDKA. “You know what, beer has vitamins in it, it’s good for you, as long as you don’t overdo it.”