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HOBART, Ind. — Former Vice President Mike Pence was in Northwest Indiana Tuesday helping motorists pump gas.

As he weighs a possible 2024 run for president, Pence has been crisscrossing the country taking aim at Democrats. In June, he visited Chicago for a speech on the economy.

On Tuesday, he appeared at Americans for Prosperity’s latest stop highlighting inflation during the Biden presidency. It took place at a Luke’s gas station in the 9500 block of East Ridge Road in Hobart.

The group paid to temporarily lower the gas of a regular gallon to $2.38 during the event.

Despite testimony that the angry mob made it to within 40 feet of him and his Secret Service agents feared for their lives, Pence is not willing to condemn the actions of former President Trump.

“As I’ve said January 6th was a tragic day in the life of the U.S. Capitol. But I knew we did our duty that day,” Pence said.

In a statement, the Indiana Democratic Party called the hours long gas subsidy a political stunt.

“Pence chases a headline, not a better future for Hoosiers, and it’s why even Trump supporters no longer support him,” they said.

Pence’s trip home to Indiana comes before former President Trump holds a rally Friday night in Waukesha, Wisconsin as both men position themselves for 2024.