PAWS waives adoption fees to help older pets find forever homes

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CHICAGO — As the dog days of summer near, PAWS Chicago is waiving adoption fees for more than 50 animals this weekend in Lincoln park, hoping to find new forever homes and free up space to rescue more animals.

For PAWS, Chicago’s largest no-kill shelter, it’s a matter of finding good homes now to save more animals down the road.

Dogs like Lass, Boone and Happy badly need homes. These “long-term animals” have lived at PAWS for far too long.

“These are the animals that are sometimes overlooked, they’ve been here for a while. And our goal is to get them forever homes this weekend,” said Joan Harris, PAWS Chicago.

Joan Harris from PAWS Chicago knows every long-term resident, like 9 year old Brody.

Brody likes everything to be the same.. he doesn’t like a lot of changes… he likes to take his walks.

“Those walks, she says are important to this 9 year old hound. He’s been here now, for nearly a year,” Harris said. “Somebody who just has a low-key lifestyle would be great for Brody.”

It’d normally be $300 to adopt Brody, and upwards of $100 for an adult cat. The “Summer Lovin” program means about 50 animals at PAWS can be brought home from free this weekend.

“The puppies fly out the door so quickly, sometimes the adult dogs, especially the ones with characteristics that aren’t as enduring to look at through the window sit here for a while,” Harris said. “We try to get people to see them because sometimes they’re the best pets of all.”


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