Patti Blagojevich writes op-ed blaming Obama administration as husband seeks commutation

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Patti Blagojevich, wife of Gov. Rod Blagojevich who is seeking commutation, wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Examiner revising history in a direct appeal to the White House, and blamed the Obama administration for not giving her husband a fair trial.

“Little did we know,” she wrote, “how truly corrupt the Obama-era Justice Department and FBI really were. With pre-dawn raids, overzealous prosecutors with a flair for big, flashy press conferences.”

Now she's doing some press of her own, appearing Tuesday night on Fox News, where she was corrected about who was in power when her husband was jailed: George W. Bush.

“It was under the Bush administration that my husband was arrested, but it was the Obama administration, and their justice department, that made sure he didn’t get anywhere close to a fair trial,” she said.

Patti Blagojevich is raising the spectra of a conspiratorial “witch hunt” which may have some resonance with the man she’s trying to reach—President Donald Trump.

“Patti’s effort is to just get this in front of the president and that may be working. She’s going to the channels that the president exposes himself to,” WGN’s political analyst, Paul Lisnek, said.

When the president mused on May 31 aboard Air Force One about maybe commuting the former governor’s sentence, he became the Blagojevich family’s last, best shot.

“We are so grateful to the president to even be thinking about us in that respect. He’s given our family a tremendous amount of hope, Patti Blagojevich said on Fox News.

Thirteen charges against the impeached former governor were upheld on appeal. The judge said the evidence was “overwhelming.”

He’s due for release in 2024.

Some legal observers say when it comes to a presidential commutation, Rod Blagojevich has a good shot.


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