CHICAGO — A local pastor and prolific artist honored the memory of fallen a Chicago police officer Thursday.

Chicago Police Officer Andres Vasquez Lasso was killed in the line of duty last month.

Vásquez Lasso, 32, was investigating a domestic-related call around 4:45 p.m. on March 1 on the 5200 block of South Spaulding when police said 18-year-old Steven Montano shot him.

Vásquez Lasso was shot multiple times, CPD Supt. David Brown said. He was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital where he later died.

Pastor Roy Yarber Jr. for the King of Kings Missionary Baptist Church reached to officer Andres’ widow.

Pastor Yarber produced a busy of the fallen patrolman and the artwork will soon be delivered to officer Vasquez Lasso’s loved ones.

After receiving a grim cancer diagnosis, Pastor Yarber turned to sculpturing.

“I told the wife, they’ve given me seven years to live and I’m going to try and do the whole Bible in clay,” Pastor Roy Yarber Jr. said.

But nearly 12 years later, Yarber Jr. is cancer free.

“And if God can bring stuff that’s dead and bring it to life and make it beautiful, he can do it for you and I.”

Without any artistic training, Pastor Yarber has produced nearly 400 busts and sculptures, often made from dead tree branches or fallen trunks, depicting biblical scenes.

3rd District Chicago Police Lieutenant and church supporter, Yolanda Irvin, was on a special mission Thursday.

Yarber Jr. provides tours by appointment to see his artwork, which he sells to the public to help fund church programs.

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