Parolee suspected of squatting, living it up on yacht at Diversey Harbor

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CHICAGO — Boat owner Ramon Beaulieu got a call from a neighboring boater at Diversey Harbor telling him someone might be stowed away on his yacht.

When Beaulieu got to the “Giddy Up”, he found the door unlocked and evidence that someone had been sleeping and living on the cabin cruiser for days.

He also believes that the suspect had sex on his bed.

Access to the pier where the boat is docked requires opening two gates with two different codes.

After three calls to 9-1-1 reporting the break-in, police were finally dispatched to investigate.

The squatter’s pants were found.  In one of the pockets, the suspect’s parole forms indicating he was released from Cook County Jail just last week.

Police are looking for the suspect.

Beaulieu says the squatter stole a hunting knife used to cut ropes on the boat, along with clothing and other items.

He ate several days’ worth of groceries and drank wine.

Beaulieu is calling for surveillance cameras to monitor the harbor area.


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