Paroled ‘Pine Village massacre’ murderer moves near suburban school

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LA GRANGE, Ill. — Residents in a western suburb are concerned after a man convicted of murder moved into their neighborhood.

Carl Reimman, 78, was convicted of what is known as the “Pine Village massacre” which killed five people, one of them a juvenile, in a Yorkville restaurant in 1972.

After his 20th hearing, Reimann was granted parole on April 26 and has moved in with a local family who are very active in a local church and pastored Reimann during his incarceration. The family lives across the street from the Seventh Avenue Elementary School.

Because Reimann is not a convicted sexual predator, he can legally live there. On Monday, the school district informed the public by posting on its website but word had been circulating on social media before then.

“There’s a heightened sense of anxiety over school safety in general, given the recent shootings in Florida. We will continue to work closely with the police and wait to hear back from the Department of Corrections,” School District 105 superintendent Glenn Schlichting told the Chicago Tribune.

Some neighborhood residents said they had a lot of anxiety over the 78-yr-old presence but many declined to go on camera.

One resident, Mark Bentley, said he was worried about the kids in the neighborhood.


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