Parents rally in support of ousted CPS coach


CHICAGO — Parents at Marie Curie Metropolitan High School held a rally Friday in support of a long time basketball coach who was removed over allegations he got into a physical altercation with a student on campus.

Parents WGN News spoke with said Mike Oliver received a 45-day suspension pending the outcome of an investigation after the alleged incident which they say took place on January 22.

Parents said it stemmed from Oliver confronting a male student, who was not a player on the team.

Those at this rally said they don’t believe Oliver put his hands on the teen and demanded a meeting with CPS officials.

Oliver has been a security guard at Curie for 27 years, and is the longtime coach of the Condors, now ranked Number 1 in the boys 4-A state conference.

Parents of players said surprised at the allegations and had not received a letter or email about Oliver’s removal.

“We have been blindsided and devastate by the allegations against Coach Oliver and demand answers from CPS around the investigation,” Dynesha Lomax, a parent of a player, said.

“We need our coach back,” Tainika Somerville, a parent of player said. “We have a lot of scholarships. He does a lot of things for our players and our players look up to Coach Mike as a father figure.”

CPS said the alleged incident is under investigation by the district’s office of student protections.

Oliver hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident. A former teammate of his attended the rally and said has been in touch with Oliver. The teammate said Oliver feels he has been falsely accused and is looking forward to clearing his name and returning to Curie High School.


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