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NAPERVILLE, Ill. — The parents of a Naperville middle school student are speaking out — saying their son was attacked on a school bus and then punished for it.

Mother Loubna Choukri said she was sent a video of the attack of her son, Zayd, by a stranger last week.

“My heart is broken,” Choukri said. “Thank you, thank you. You are a good Samaritan I don’t know him and he did that for me.”

She said Zayd, a student at Scullen Middle School, had told her about what happened on the school bus back on Oct. 27 — his 13th birthday.

Family said it all started after a girl asked another student to hurt Zayd, who then took some mints from her in an effort to trade the sweets for his safety.

“He wanted to trade with her,” father Ali Abouimrane. “‘Please ask the boy to be far from me and I’ll return the mints.'”

Zayd’s parents said, while it’s not clear from the video, there were actually three students attacking their son. One of them received a one-day suspension and so did Zayd.

“As long as you’re involved in the fight, you get punished,” his father said. “It’s the rule of the school.”

Family said they’ve gone back and forth with school officials but haven’t received many answers on how and why the incident was handled the way it was. Now, they have retained a lawyer and will keep pursuing their case.

“The attack it’s happened,” his father said. “But we don’t want it to happen to others and we want my son be safe and all the kids there will be safe.”

The school sent the following statement.

“The administration immediately removed students from the bus and investigated the situation. Due to student privacy, we can not share student disciplinary measures. However, appropriate action, including the involvement of the Naperville Police Department, has taken place in accordance with our school board policies.”