CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. — The parents of a middle school student are demanding school security video be released of a physical confrontation between their daughter and Chicago Heights Middle School administrators.

Two weeks ago, cell phone video was taken by a student from inside of a school bus that had been turned around and brought back to Chicago Heights Middle School because two students had been creating a commotion. One of those students was the older sister of the girl in the video.

The video is grainy, but WGN was told a 12-year-old girl, when she was asked to get off the bus, turned to wave to her friends and was then forcibly taken away by the school’s principal and vice principal. 

The girl’s parents said they are trying to get to the bottom of what happened. While there is cell phone video, they are demanding the school security camera video that they believe shows the entire incident. They have repeatedly asked the school district to see the video.

The parent said they cannot believe someone did not step in. 

“Nobody said,’ Wait stop,’” Cornelius Dawson, the girl’s father, said. “Everyone should be accountable. No one stepped up.”

District 170 released the following statement:

“School personnel are often faced with challenging student situations and the District takes all allegations of misconduct very seriously.  We can assure you that whenever such situations arise the District immediately takes action and conducts thorough investigations, including placing involved employees on administrative leave while an investigation is pending.”

The principal and vice principal of Chicago Heights Middle School are suspended pending the outcome of the internal investigation. 

The family is also calling on the Chicago Heights Police Department and Cook County States Attorney to get involved with possible criminal charges.