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It’s not often that you hear that the CEO of a fast food company has done something kind for a low wage worker. But it happens.

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter attended a memorial service in Tennessee on Sunday for an employee who was gunned down last week while on the job.

Gordon Schaffer, a 22 year-old crew leader at Papa John’s Pizza in Columbia, was shot and killed during a late night robbery on Oct. 20, the local police said.

Schaffer’s oldest sister, Devan Cronin, said on Facebook that the CEO was “visibly distraught” when he spoke with her family and that he did not come to the service “just to pay lip service.”

“We never once imagined that this would touch anyone high up in the Papa John’s corporate office, let alone, John Schnatter,” Cronin wrote.

Cronin said Papa John’s is covering Schaffer’s funeral costs and medical expenses. But, she added, the executive’s show of support “was so much more meaningful than any monetary donation.”

Cronin did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but a spokesman for Papa John’s confirmed that Schnatter attended the service.