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WASILLA, Alaska — Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin drew attention online Saturday after comments she made regarding a teen who brought a homemade clock to school.

In a Facebook post, Palin said Texas student Ahmed Mohamed deserved to be arrested after multiple reports said his clock was mistaken for a bomb. She wrote that initial media stories — which she dubbed “reactionary-slash-biased” — were “fishy,” and implied Mohamed’s device wasn’t really a clock — or at the very least, that others had the right to be suspicious.

Palin said his device “obviously could be seen by conscientious teachers as a dangerous wired-up bomb-looking contraption.”

Added Palin, “Right. That’s a clock, and I’m the Queen of England.”

She also criticized President Barack Obama for what she perceived as a rush to “interject himself as the cool savior.” Obama had invited the teen to the White House earlier this week.

Palin’s post also featured a collage of images showing Mohamed’s pencil box — in which the clock was made — to pencil boxes she claimed were around her family’s household.

Palin’s post, which was sent out to her 4 million followers, garnered more than 7,000 “likes” and nearly 1 thousand comments. In it the teen’s name was routinely misspelled as “Muhammad.”

On Friday it was reported that police in the Dallas area are reviewing how officers responded to the perceived threat of the clock and the teen’s arrest.

See Palin’s full post below: