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(NEXSTAR) — Pabst Blue Ribbon is eating humble pie after a vulgar tweet was shared from the brand’s official Twitter account earlier this week.

The tweet, which was posted on Monday morning, suggested that those abstaining from alcohol in January try “eating a—” instead.

The post was soon deleted from the brand’s account, but not before Twitter users responded with shock, confusion and, in many cases, bewildered amusement. A few notable brands, including Slim Jim and the delivery app Waitr, even got in on the discussion.

Before the tweet was deleted, the person in charge of Pabst’s verified account had also replied to a few confused followers, seemingly confirming the sexual nature of the initial tweet’s message, according to screengrabs shared to social media.

On Monday evening, the company itself finally responded and apologized for the incident, blaming an associate for the crass messages.

“We apologize about the language and content of our recent tweets. The tweets in question were written in poor judgment by one of our associates,” a representative for Pabst wrote in a statement shared with Ad Age. “In no way does the content of these tweets reflect the values of Pabst and our Associates. We’re handling the matter internally and have removed the tweets from our social platforms.”

A representative for the brand did not disclose whether the associate responsible was a member of the company’s official social media team, nor whether this person was still with the company.

In the wake of Monday’s bizarre blunder, Pabst appears to have limited its presence on Twitter: The brand has only shared a single tweet — which simply reads “Beer” — since Monday.