2nd US vaping-related death possible in Oregon, officials say

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PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon health officials are working to confirm what could be another vaping-related death. Illinois reported the first one just last month.

Investigators said the Oregon victim legally purchased his vaping products.  Until now, a leading theory had pointed to counterfeit or bootlegged street products on the Black Market.

Meanwhile, the Illinois Department of Public Health is investigating more than 27 incidents of lung disease statewide that are possibly linked to e-cigarettes and vaping.

“There are additives and chemicals that can cause injury and illness to individuals and it’s not yet known the full extent of the short and long term affects of some of these,” said IDPH Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jennifer Layden.

WGN recently spoke with a family in Lincolnshire that is wondering if their son’s violent illness is due to vaping. On Sunday Brian Krasne, 20, was rushed to the hospital.

“He became violently sick violently sick it’s just awful,” Brian’s mother Tracy Krasne said. “They did a chest X-RAY and CT scan, and they found he has double pneumonia.”

The mother said her son admitted to vaping an e-cigarette with THC in it, but she never knew about his habit until now.

The parents of a New Lennox teenager, who’s said to have nearly died from a vaping episode, is set to talk Thursday afternoon.


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