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Semaj Crosby

WILL COUNTY, Ill. – Semaj Crosby, the missing 1-year-old girl in the southwest suburbs, has been found dead.

Her body was found overnight in the home she lived in with her mother.

The FBI received consent from a family attorney to search the home and found her around midnight.

The police say the cause of death has not yet been determined, an autopsy will be conducted today. They are treating it as a suspicious death.

Semaj’s family reported her missing on Tuesday afternoon. They said she disappeared while playing outside near her home, while a relative repaired a car.

DCFS confirmed it was investigating the girl’s mother for allegations of neglect.

A caseworker was at the home just hours before Semaj disappeared, but found nothing that would endanger the child.

Police say the initial indication was that the Semaj disappeared outside of the residence and that is why the search was conducted outdoors.

Witnesses had described seeing Semaj walking across the street in the clothes that were described, say police.

The States Attorney didn’t grant a search warrant since indications were that Semaj went missing outside.

Police say that Semaj’s mother, Sheri Gordon, is the one that called 911 to report that she was missing.

Gordon’s home is reported to be in “deplorable condition” with anywhere between five to 15 people living on and off at the residence.

Gordon’s attorney describes those other than mother and children living at the residence as squatters.

The residents of the home were described by police as being not reluctant but not cooperative either.

Police continue to investigate the death.