Ohio man says Hot Pockets saved him from deadly plane crash

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AKRON, Ohio — A man who lived at the Ohio apartment building destroyed in a fiery plane crash says an errand to buy Hot Pockets saved his life.

Jason Bartley tells the Akron Beacon Journal he feels lucky but also in shock over the crash and heartbroken about losing treasured possessions.

He left home to run errands Monday and took slightly longer than planned because he stopped to buy the microwavable turnovers for dinner and breakfast. The 38-year-old factory worker says he saw flames as he drove toward home, and a bystander explained that a plane had just crashed. Authorities say nine people died.

Bartley said Tuesday it’s a tough situation to comprehend. He says thinking about it has made him feel nauseated and want to cry, but he’s also very grateful.

“Anything could have went differently and I would have been — nobody’s going to survive once it hit,” he told the Akron Beacon Jounral. “I would have never known what happened.”


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