Ohio case gives hope to Illinois families missing loved ones

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The recent discovery of three missing women in Ohio is causing some Illinois families to be optimistic about their own missing family members.

Reverend Paul Jakes walked along 35th and Cottage Grove  today, the area where Diamond and Tionda Bradley disappeared 12 years ago.  Today, he says it’s key to capitalize on the publicity from the Cleveland case.

So Rev Jakes is handing out updated pictures of Diamond and Tionda, sisters who disappeared in July of 2001. Diamond would be 15 and Tionda would be 22.  He’s hoping to jog someone’s memory.

Rev. Jakes has been working with the Bradley family since the girls vanished. Their case has been cold for over a decade.  Today their mother is urging the community and police that this is a perfect time to take the case to the streets again.

Rev. Ira Acree is also a pastor and community activist and also has a relative missing. Yasmin Acree was 15 when she disappeared from the basement of her Austin home.  She’s been gone 5 years.  Rev. Acree says the family can’t go on with their lives.

He says he walks through an emotional minefield every day, searching for a sign that Yasmin is okay.  He believes she’s alive and chooses to look at the positive.

Both families are hoping, like the families in Cleveland, that they have their happy ending too.


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