O’Hare continues precautions as more coronavirus cases reported in U.S.

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CHICAGO — A growing number of countries are restricting travel to and from China as videos are trickling out of the epicenter of coronavirus.

At O’Hare Saturday, terminal ticket agents, TSA agents and passengers were wearing masks with the hope it will prevent them from catching the virus.

One woman, who just arrived from outside of Beijing, told WGN she wasn’t tested for a high fever and wasn’t asked any questions. The CDC said its screening everyone coming from China in 20 cities, including at O’Hare.

Just being at O’Hare has some travelers worried.

"I have a very low immune system, I am currently on chemo and radiation,” said Amanda Hunt. “So that’s definitely a concern."

Starting Sunday at 4 p.m, the US is barring foreigners from entering the country if they’ve been in China in the last two weeks. A growing number of countries are taking similar precautions.

In Wuhan, citizen journalist Chen Qiushi told YouTube viewers that the situation in the city is dire. He claims hospitals are overflowing and doctors are running low on supplies.

Others are O’Hare Saturday don’t seem as concerned.

“The government has taken the necessary steps to protect us from anything,” traveler Joe Weidenbenner said. “Hoping our immunity is already built up, seems like things are well in hand.”

In New York City Saturday, officials said they are closing monitoring a potential case of coronavirus.


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