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CHICAGO — At least one individual associated with the Chicago Cubs doesn’t appear to be the sentimental type.

The person is selling an official 2016 World Series ring commemorating the Cubs’ historic championship last season, ending their 108-year drought.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Sunday that the ring, with its 214 diamonds, is listed by Leland’s Auctions. It says the seller is a scout but doesn’t include a name.

2016 Cubs World Series ring detail: (Courtesy of Jostens)

Bidding starts at around $2,000. It’ll go higher. Appraisers estimate its value at more than $50,000.

There’s at least a theoretical chance the seller will get much less. When the Cubs gave rings to select non-players, they sought to dissuade secondary-market sales and reserved rights to buy them back under certain circumstances.

The amount they said they could pay was $1.

The Chicago Cubs released the following statement about the ring:

“We are currently investigating how this ring landed on an auction site.  This is not an authorized sale so we’re putting the market on notice “Caveat Emptor” – Let the Buyer Beware for any interested buyers as this ring may be counterfeit.  That said, we are taking this matter very seriously and are using every available resource to identify the authenticity and obtain this ring.  Potential buyers may want to take a pass and explore other safer ways to purchase World Series memorabilia.”