SCHERERVILLE, Ind. — A Northwest Indiana police officer shot a robbery suspect, who authorities say, slammed into a patrol vehicle while driving amid a failed getaway.

Around 4:30 p.m., Schererville police officers responded to a robbery call at the Dick’s Sporting Goods store in the 100 block of Indianapolis Boulevard.

According to police, arriving officers encountered the suspects attempting to leave the scene. One of the suspects, police say, was driving the vehicle and rammed into a Schererville police patrol car.

Authorities said the police officer opened fire out of fear for their safety and struck one of the suspects.

The wounded suspect was taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. Two other suspects were taken into custody. Police have not released the age or identity of the suspects at this time.

Police said no officers or bystanders were hurt.

One shopper told WGN News that he was surprised to see the officer-involved shooting in the area.

“Certain places I really don’t go to. I don’t shop in certain areas to try to avoid situations like this,” the male shopper said. “So, I rather come to an area like this to avoid all the drama elsewhere. But like I say, you have to be aware because it trickles down and it’s some of everywhere now, spread out.”

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The Lake County Sheriff’s Department will lead the investigation.