Off-duty police recruit uses academy training to save man’s life

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CHICAGO — A Chicago police recruit was able to save a man’s life, just two weeks after learning medical and rescue training.

The incident happened June 30 on the 1600 block of W. Chicago Ave. in the East Ukrainian Village neighborhood. Timothy Sweeney and his wife were on the way to his grandmother’s house and had stopped to pick up a pie — when he spotted a pedestrian laying in the street, pinned between two vehicles.

His wife called 911, while Sweeney jumped into action and treated the pedestrian. The man was in distress and his leg was badly injured. An onlooker was able to provide Sweeney with a belt, and he quickly improvised a tourniquet and kept pressure on the man’s leg.

Sweeney said the man had no clue what his leg looked like at the time, and he just tried to keep him calm.

When officers arrived to the scene, they noticed Sweeney was helping the man — but did not realize it was a police recruit.

Police said Sweeney’s quick reaction and being at the right place at the right time, saved the victim’s life.

Sweeney said him and his wife did eventually get their blueberry pie to take to his grandmother’s house.


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