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CHICAGO — Two nurses who were held hostage by a jail inmate earlier this month at Delnor Hospital in Geneva have filed a federal lawsuit against the Kane County Sheriff’s Office and the guard who was supposed to be keeping watch.

Lawyers for these nurses say contrary to previous media reports, the nurses who were held hostage that day were hurt — one was beaten, tortured and even raped.

On May 13, Tywon Salters stole a gun from the officer guarding his room at Delnor Hospital. Over the course of three and a half hours, he held two nurses hostage before SWAT team members shot and killed him. The bullet that killed Salters also hit one of the nurses in the arm.

Lawyers for the nurses say the inmate was supposed to be shackled at all times while he was in the hospital, but guards routinely let him go to the bathroom unrestrained. That was what happened on the day in question.

A photo of his room shows the handcuffs on his bed, but they were not on his wrists. The lawsuit claims Sheriff’s officers were sleeping on the couch, playing on their cell phones and watching TV instead of guarding the inmate closely.

The second nurse to be held hostage was held in the dark for hours with a gun to her head.

The nurses say they are filing this lawsuit so nothing like this happens again and they feel safe enough to return to work. The lawyers say they think there should be two armed guards any time an inmate is hospitalized.

WGN has also learned that the inmate harmed himself in order to get admitted to the hospital. He drank hydrogen peroxide and ate one of his shoes.