Not a hoax after all? Bizarre twist in kidnapping case

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VALLEJO, Calif. — The FBI has now arrested a suspect in a bizarre kidnapping case that was once written off as a hoax.

Denise Huskins went missing from her Vallejo, Calif., apartment back in March. Crews launched a massive search and found her three days later, but investigators soon labeled the case a hoax and a wild goose chase.

But now FBI agents have named Matthew Muller as the suspect. Muller was arrested for a home invasion last month that had similarities to Huskins’s case.

Lawyers for Huskins and her boyfriend have maintained all along that an abduction had taken place.

“Nearly four months ago, we told you that Denise Huskins was right — that she was not only innocent of perpetrating a hoax, but that she was a victim of a very serious and violent crime,” said Douglas Rappaport, Huskins’s attorney. “And today there is vindication.”

The FBI released an affidavit Monday with information about the suspect. It did not refer to Huskins or her boyfriend by name, but the details of the alleged kidnapping match the their statements to police.


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